Lewes Creative

A Level - Fine Art

Fine Art makes a difference to how we see the world. Studying Fine Art at Lewes will make all the difference to you. You start by exploring techniques within drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. We show you how to do things properly, so you can work with knowledge and confidence. You need to know how different media can be made to work. We help you see how artists have created new visions through practical work. The best start for experimentation, comes from confidence.
We will teach you skills that you can apply to your original work and achieve success. We take you through the whole project process. Sketchbooks record your thoughts and development. You apply what you learn from looking at art and using techniques. Your work comes from what you do and what you bring to the course.

A Level - Graphic Design

Graphic Design is amongst the widest ranging of creative disciplines, using a broad base of techniques and concepts. Our A-level Graphic communication course supports the opportunity to provoke an intimate understanding of typography, illustration, advertising, packaging design, design for print and screen, animation and motion graphics for film and TV, branding and graphic design, emphasizing its significance as a visual language to stimulate, challenge and inform an audience.
This student-centered A-level encourages a broad and experimental approach with a strong emphasis on nurturing a personal, imaginative and reflective approach to your design. You will experience practical and contextual studies ensuring an early focus on discovering and developing your own creative voice.

A Level - Textiles

This exciting two year course will encourage a wide exploration of Textiles techniques that could be developed into Fashion or Interiors. The first year is primarily coursework based, so you will undertake a series of projects which be initiated with drawing and then progress to creating samples that demonstrate various processes in print and constructed Textiles.
Through these projects you will develop your skills, research and understanding of the subject that will help you form a clear idea of where your strengths and interests lie. The second year gives you the opportunity to develop your own specialised project and you will be undertaking an exam. As well as developing your understanding of how design works, this course offers you the opportunity to explore and develop skills in the creative areas of printing, fabric dyeing, machine and hand stitching, applique, fabric manipulation, felt-making, weaving and knitting, alongside skills in drawing, painting and photography.

Cambridge Technical Subsidiary Diploma in Art and Design L3

The Triple Award course is a new full-time art and design course which allows you to expand on the work of our international prize winning Double Award course. Generally, you will have a strong interest in art and you may even have a passion for one area of Art and Design. On the Triple Award we will take you through a diverse set of units, each centred on one aspect of 2D or 3D Art and Design from drawing and painting, through sculpture, photography, fashion and textiles, and illustration and graphic design. You will work on a series of practical assignments which link together thematically through the first year so that you can develop and find your true personal focus. Often you will work for clients on real briefs and real outcomes.

UAL Level 2 Art and Design

The Diploma is designed to help students with an interest in art and give them a chance to explore some of the materials and techniques of art and design activities. The qualification will also help students begin to develop related technical skills and build a portfolio of work. Learning will be through practical activities and projects.
This course will help you to get back into enjoying learning. You work through a series of units focussing on an aspect of art and design. You apply different approaches and techniques as you progress through 2D work; 3D work; Animation & digital imagery.
Eventually, you will work on your Final major Project. This is where you choose your own area and research and develop your ideas towards a final outcome which sums up how far you have come on the course.

Film Making And Photography UAL Dip L3

Photography is truth, the cinema is truth 24 times a second.” Jean-Luc Goddard
Whether you want to develop an army of Instagram followers or YouTube subscribers; tell personal stories in film or capture the moment in a photograph forever. This course will develop your skills and confidence to express yourself through the lens, screen and print.
Cameras, Premiere pro, Photoshop, darkroom techniques, professional photography studios, short films, documentaries, street photography, portraiture, surrealist photography, art-installations, and more. Work with like-minded creative students to plan and develop Film and Photography projects. You will discover for your passion for creation through a sandbox approach to help you choose your own pathway in a final major project at the end of the year.

Creative Media Production UAL Dip L2

This course is for students considering progression into the creative industries, who are interested in the media and like working practically. On this course you will learn and develop a range of media production skills such as video production and interactive design production (Gaming). You will also learn about how media industries work and how to analyse professional media products. The course content is 70% practical and 30% theoretical study.