How Do I Apply?

15-19 YEARS

If you are 15-19 years old, the easiest way is to apply through UCAS Progress.

UCAS allows you to search and apply for Further Education courses online. It is really easy to apply:

1, Sign up to UCAS Progress
Before you can apply for a course you will need to create an account on UCAS. It’s really easy to do, but if you get stuck your tutor will be able to help you, or you can give us a call.

2, Search for courses
Once you have set up your profile and logged in you will be able to start searching for courses you’d like to study at college.

3, Save courses to your favourites page
UCAS has a really great tool that lets you save all of your favourite courses. That means you can come back to them when you’re ready to make your final selection and you don’t have to start again.

4, Make your application
Once you have decided which course or courses you’d like to apply for you’ll be ready to make your application to us.

Need help with UCAS Progress?

Our friendly Admissions Team is always happy to help you with your UCAS application. You can call us on 030 300 39699 to discuss your application over the phone or to arrange a meeting with us.


You will be able to find an application form in the back of our prospectus, or you can download one and print it.

Use a black pen to complete the form in capital letters. You will also need to ask your school to complete a reference form. Once both forms are completed you can send them to us in the post or drop them in to us in person. You should return the completed forms to the campus you’d like to study at.