Computing & Digital Technologies – Access to Level 3

Do you have an interest in Digital Technology? Interested in developing your IT skills and learning new ones?

The Level 2 Computing & Digital Technologies – Access to Level 3 course is a single year course, designed as a great stepping-stone for people who still need to achieve their GCSEs for English and Maths.  This course will teach you a wide range of modern IT and Digital skills, introduce you to coding, App development, a firm understanding of computer systems and networking and give you a head start for progression on to our Level 3 Creative, Digital and Development course or our Level 3 Software & Games course.  This Level 2 course is a one-year, full time course.

What qualifications will you need to study this course?

  • At least 4 GCSEs at Grade 3 or above (including English and Maths)
  • or a Level 1 qualification (including FS English and Maths at L1)

What you will study?

There are a number of units within this course.  Units of study include:

Games Design & Development

Game design is a popular area within the industry that continues to develop new concepts and technologies, attracting a much wider diverse audience with multiple requirements for multiple platforms.
The aim of the unit is to give you the opportunity to use the fundamentals of game deign.  You will acquire the skills to produce games from game designs and explore how to enhance the games by incorporating additional features.

Mobile App Design & Development

Mobile technology is becoming more and more prevalent within society both from a personal point of view as well as within business.
The aim of this unit is to provide an understanding of the uses of mobile applications for business. You will design, create, update and improve mobile applications to meet user requirements. Feedback gathered from users and the client will form the basis of any improvements you make to the mobile application.
You will acquire the skills to produce games from game designs and explore how to enhance the games by incorporating additional features.

Website Design & Development

With the internet being central to how most organisations and individuals communicate and do business, the creation and maintenance of websites is an important job role.  There is a strong demand in the job market for web developers with appropriate technical and creative skills.
You will investigate the features and uses of websites by exploring what they are and how their integrated components and applications interact with each other.
You will also design, develop and test a website from a real-life scenario.  Once this is completed, you will review your website, having obtained feedback from others.

Setting up Computer Systems

The aim of this unit is to introduce you to the hardware and software components that make up computer systems and for you to carry out installation and configuration. There are many different manufacturers of computer systems and each manufacturer will produce a wide range of models with different specifications. Being able to understand a computer systems technical specification (what all the jargon means) is important. You will demonstrate that you can connect hardware devices safely and configure different types of software for a defined user.
Individuals have different needs and the ability of software to be configured to specifically suit those needs is necessary in order for individuals to make the best use of the technology.

Network Design & Development

This unit enables learners to understand the role of IT networks in organisations, including their features, services and components and be able to set up a small network for personal or commercial use.
The components that make up networks, including hardware devices and software, are investigated and with the knowledge and understanding, you will setup and test a simple local area network. You will also design and build a peer-to-peer network.
Networking skills are particularly valued in the IT industry and this unit provides a solid foundation for all to gain theoretical knowledge and practical application skills in networking.

Cyber Security/System Security Protection

With so much data and information being stored on computer systems, the need for security is more important than ever. To lose, or have this information and data manipulated, can cause individuals and organisations loss of time, reputation and, possibly financial loss.
This unit has been designed to enable you to gain knowledge and understanding of some of the threats and vulnerabilities that can have an impact on individuals and organisations. You will be able to apply your knowledge and understanding of these measures by recommending ways in which a digital system can be best protected.

Your timetable will also include GCSE/FS English and Maths.

How is the course assessed?

The units are all internally assessed.  These units are assessed by means of realistic work-based projects and/or assignments.
Once all the units are complete and achieved, a final overall grade for the qualification can be awarded.  

What can I do at the end of the course?

Achieving this qualification will give you an advantage when applying for a job in IT. Typical job roles include software tester, project administrator and web content maintenance. You could also progress on to another course at East Sussex College, such as: